Culture-Based Resources

Selected culture-based resources included here focus on connecting LGBTQ youth and families with organizations, events and activities that affirm ethnic, racial, spiritual and LGBTQ & Two Spirit identities. Currently, most of the culture-based resources that are available in the community were developed for adults and few were specifically developed for youth. This list includes culture-based resources for youth, together with general resources to provide information for youth & families, as well as access to culture-based community events and activities, including Pride events.

Affinity Community Services

Organization for Black LGBTQ community, support groups, online & in-person events.


Organization for Middle Eastern LGBTQ people in Metro Detroit. Monthly gatherings, support groups, health education & cultural resources.


Arabic-language hotline & online chat for for LGBTQIA+. Based in Palestine – available online.

API Equality Northern California (APIENC)

Queer & trans Asian & Pacific Islanders in Bay area. Organizing and training grassroots leaders.

API Family Pride

Group to support API families with LGBTQ members. One-on-one sessions with parents, gatherings, support & educational resources on coming out.


Volunteer-based social and advocacy organization for queer & transgender API communities in Washington, DC area. Support groups, sports activities & social events

Asian Pacific Island Pride

Organization for LGBTQ API communities in greater Portland that provides a safe environment to celebrate, educate & bring communities together.

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Society D.C. (APIQS)

Support group focusing on educational, social and cultural activities  for and by queer female-identified, gender diverse & transgender people of Asian and/or Pacific Islander descent.

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgendered Community

Social support for Asian & Pacific Islander queer women and transgender people. Annual banquet & pride parade, social events & scholarships.

Asian Pride Project

The Asian Pride Project celebrates LGBTQ Asian & Pacific Islanders and their families in film and video.

Asians and Pacific Islanders for LGBTQ Equality

Organization to empower  LGBTQ API communities. Focus on increasing access to affirming & culturally responsive mental  health care. Youth development programs and family & community acceptance programs.

Asociación Internacional Familias por la Diversidad

International organization for Spanish-speaking families with LGBTQ children that hosts an international convention, provides access to education and support, with guidance on developing local family support programs and services in Spanish-speaking countries.

Austin Black Pride

Austin Black Pride celebration for Black LGBTQ people. Community development, youth development and outreach throughout the year.


Support organization for the LGBTQ Filipino and Filipino-American community.

Birmingham Black Pride

Annual pride celebration for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Birmingham.

Black and Latin@ Gay Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black and Latino LGBTQ+ communities of the Capital Region.

Black Pride NOLA

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of New Orleans.

Black Pride RVA

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Richmond.

Black Pride St. Louis

Organization that hosts annual Black Pride celebration for the St. Louis LGBTQ+ community. Provides arts & entertainment, health & wellness resources and youth outreach.

Black Trans Advocacy

Center for health equality, housing equality & employment equality for Black trans people. Provides resources.

Blaq Pride Baltimore

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Baltimore.

Boston Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the LGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities of Boston. 

Brave Space Alliance

Black & Trans-led LGBTQ+ Center for  Chicago residents. Telehealth for mental health services, support groups, educational resources, gender-affirming spaces & resources.

CAL Queer & Asian Club

Student group for queer and Asian students at UC Berkeley, events, support & education.

Caribbean Equality Project

Supports LGBTQ Caribbean immigrant community. Mutual aid, support groups, mental health services & celebrations.

Celebrate Orgullo

Festival for South Florida’s LGBTQ+ Hispanic & Indigenous community.

Center for Black Equity

Organization to build affirming Black LGBTQ communities. Ongoing Black Pride activities and connection to DC & Philadelphia Black Pride events

Center for Black Equity

International Black LGBTQ+ organization that hosts & promotes Black Pride celebrations in the U.S. & other countries.

Charleston Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Charleston.

Chicago Windy City Black Pride

Chicago Windy City Pride celebration for Black Same Gender Loving & LGBTQ people with events throughout the year.

Chinese Rainbow Network

Network for LGBTQ Chinese individuals to build social community networks, activism & resources

Cincinnati Black Pride

Hosts cultural events, art exhibits, community forums and annual Pride celebration for Black LGBTQ+ community of Cincinnati.

Dallas Black Pride

Dallas Southern Pride celebration for Black LGBTQ+ and sae-gender loving people.

DC Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Washington, D.C.

Desi Rainbow Parents & Allies

International organization of parents, allies and friends of Desi LGBTQ people. Support groups for LGBTQ+ people & their families. Educational speaker series & discussions.


Organizations that provides leadership training & advocacy skills to LGBTQ in NYC to engage in social change. Includes mentoring, youth development & events.

Freedom Inc.

Culture-based programs for Black and Southeast Asian, Khmer, Hmong girls to prevent and address domestic violence; provide support, events, support  for LGBTQ youth.


Organization for queer and trans Asian Pacific Islanders. Workshops, meetings, educational events, and activities for NYC Pride & Lunar New Year

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

Organization for LGBTQ API community that provides support, social & cultural events & shares resources.

Harlem Pride

Annual pride celebration for the Black LGBTQ+/Same Gender Loving community of Harlem in New York City.

hotpot Philly!

Philadelphia-based social gatherings and cultural activities for Queer Asian + Pacific Islander lesbian, bisexual women, trans, gender variant/queer/non-conforming identified folks.

Houston Splash

Houston Pride celebration for Black and Latino LGBTQ+ people.

Indiana Pride of Color

Indiana Pride of Color celebration for Black, Indigenous People of Color with health initiatives, youth outreach & events.

Jacksonville Florida Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Jacksonville.

KQTx (National Network)

Community connection/chat with other trans and queer Korean people on Slack. National convention, hosts discussions & meeting groups.

Kentucky Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Kentucky.

Khush ATX

Support & social group for the South Asian LGBTQ+ community of Austin. Social gatherings, celebrations & discussions.

Kofi House: The Center for Lesbian and Queer Women & Girls

Social club and community gathering space for lesbian, queer and same-gender loving women and girls that provides support, educational activities and identity affirmation.

Korean American Rainbow Parents (KARP)

Support group for Korean American parents, families and LGBTQ people.

LA Black Pride

Pride celebration for Black same-gender loving & Black LGBTQ people.

LGBTQ Somalis

Online space for LGBTQ Somalis. Personal stories, live discussions & educational resources.

Lighthouse Foundation

Black Queer-led organization that provides events that include wellness, arts, education & support. Produces Black Queer Pride celebration in Chicago.

Little Rock Black and Brown Pride

Pride celebration to educate, celebrate, and empower Black and Brown LGBTQ people.

Magic City Acceptance Center

Agency that provides services for LGBTQ youth & families, including support groups for many African American youth.

Masala Boston

South-Asian LGBTQ support group for New England region. Provides safe & supportive environment for the South-Asian queer community.

Masjid Al-Rabia

LGBTQ affirming mosque & Islamic community center. Spiritual support, online services, inclusive Quran study, LGBTQ Muslim resources.

Massachusetts Asian + Pacific Islanders for Health

Agency for API LGBTQ+ youth. Drop-in center, peer leadership, health initiatives & health promotion, job & life skills training.

Minnesota People of Color LGBTQ Pride / Twin Cities Black Pride

Minnesota Pride Celebration recognizing Black, Indigenous, People of Color LGBTQ communities

Minnesota Two Spirit Society

Organization that provides a supportive space to gather, celebrate & learn about the Two Spirit community.

Montana Two Spirit Society

Community organization that educates LGBTQ community about Two Spirit issues, hosts the Montana Two Spirit gathering and other events

Nashville Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Nashville.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

Network of queer & trans therapists of color for mental health services for queer & trans people of color.

Native American Youth and Family Center

Community agency that provides services & support for Native American children, youth, adults & families, including Two-Spirit & LGBTQ support groups & events.


LGBTQ AAPI organization to promote visibility, education in multiple language focus on family acceptance, immigrants’ rights & health justice.

NYC Center for Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and festival for the Black & Latino LGBTQ+ community of New York City.

Okaeri: A Nikkei LGBTQ+/Family Community

Organization for LGBTQ+ Nikkei & families that provides support for LGBTQ Japanese Americans and their families, cultural events, community building and an international conference. 

Orgullo Houston

Houston’s LGBTQ Latin@ Pride Celebration. Dancing, music & food.

Pacific Northwest Black Pride

Pacific Northwest Black Pride celebration for Black same-gender loving & LGBTQ people.

Parivar Bay Area

Organization for trans and queer South Asians. Provides support groups, social spaces & mutual aid.

PDX Latinx Pride

Organization that hosts pride events for the Latinx LGBTQ community, families & allies in Portland

PFLAG API Rainbow Parents

PFLAG group for Asian-Pacific Islander parents of LGBTQ children – NYC. Support groups & educational resources in multiple languages.

PFLAG San Gabriel Valley

Asian Pacific Islander PFLAG chapter that hosts support groups, social events for parents of LGBTQ children, family circles & online resources. 

Philly Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Philadelphia

Pittsburgh Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Pittsburgh. Educational, social & cultural resources.

Portland Two Spirit Society

Social, cultural & educational, resource group for LGBTIQ Native Americans/Alaskan Natives & their families.

Q&A Space

Group that shares stories from LGBTQ+ Asians & Pacific Islanders, their parents & family members. Provides resources on coming out, housing, mental health & faith.


Racial, social & gender justice organization for Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ Latinx community. Classes, workshops & community events.

Queer Muslims of Boston

Community of queer and trans Muslims Boston area. Monthly dinners & meetings.

Rangoli Pittsburgh

Organization for LGBTQ+ South Asians, shares stories, mutual aid, resources & events.

Rochester Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Rochester.

Samcha Chicago

Group supporting Korean-identified LGBTQ+ people in Chicagoland. Virtual meeting groups & celebrations.

Sankofa Collective Northwest

Organization for Black families, friends & LGBTQ people that provides support groups, youth & faith outreach and hosts annual Portland Black Pride celebration.


Serves the South Asian LGBTQ community through social events, educational resources, workshops & discussions.

Say it Loud! Black & Latin@ Gay Pride Celebration

Capital Region annual celebration of LGBTQ+ POC. Concerts, youth & online events.

Sige! LGBTQ Filipinos

Organization that provides support, mutual aid and events for LGBTQ Filipinos. Community events, education & trainings.

Somos Familia

Support for families with LGBTQ youth. Family support groups, book club, trans support groups in Spanish.

South Asian Queer and Trans Collective

Group for LGBTQ+ South Asians and Indo-Caribbean’s. Online meetups, workshops, book clubs & support groups. Currently taking a break to plan

South Bay Queer & Asian

Group for queer Asians and Pacific Islanders in the South Bay. Provides support groups and resources

South Carolina Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of South Carolina

South West Asian and North African Bay Area Queers (SWANABAQ)

Group for LGBTQ Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Berbers, Kurds, Persians & Turks in Northern California. Provides  community support & events. Marches in SF Pride Parade.

Southwest Two Spirit Society

Resources, support groups & workshops for Two Spirit people.

Tarab NYC

Group for LGBTQ Arab, Middle Eastern & North African people in New York City. Community support groups, meetups, movie nights & celebrations.

Texas Two Spirit Society

Organization that provides a place to gather, network and educate about Native American LGBTQ+ traditions and societies.

TKO Society

Community support for Black trans and LGBQ people.

Trans Queer Pueblo

Organization that addresses the basic needs of LGBTQ+ migrants of color community. Care calls, support meetings, healing sessions & celebrations

Texas Two Spirit Society

Black trans health initiative. Education provides affirming spaces for mutual support.

Tri-State Black Pride

Annual pride celebration and community events for the Black LGBTQ+ community of Memphis.


Serves the LGBTQ South Asian community of the Bay Area. Dance parties, potlucks, support groups, educational, legal & health resources.

Trikone Chicago

Organization for queer South Asians and their family, friends & allies. Cultural nights, film festivals, literary events, awareness campaigns, pride celebrations & programs.

Trikone NW

Social, supportive, educational & political space for LGBTQ South Asians and their family, friends & allies. Events, celebrations & resources.

Trikone Tampa Bay

Organization for LGBTQ South Asians, friends & allies. Events & shares resources.

Two Spirit Society of Denver

Organization to provide social and cultural support for LGBT & Two Spirit Native Americans partners in the Denver area.

United Latinx Pride

Pride celebration for Chicago’s LGBTQ Latinx community.

UTOPIA Washington

Group for Pacific Islander LGBTQ+ community. Cultural events, peer support & outreach, health information & immigration services.

Viet Rainbow of Orange County

Intergenerational organization that provides education, access to resources, advocacy and community events for the LGBTQ+ Vietnamese community and families.

Visibility Project

Project that provides personal stories of queer and transgender Asian Pacific Americans. Includes resources, links & personal histories.

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